Loyal Fans: Freeman Series Tripod Kit

2013-04-05 17:45:41 admin 144

Before trial test ,I have a general understanding of TA-240CT+CN1 tripod. The parameter 460mm length (fold ),1.82kg(whole weight) meet my need, which has a huge advantage over aluminum alloy that no can reflexed tripod. Also flexible for daily moving or travel. Of course, this design is a trend of future.

Now get the tripod , lets try it.

At the beginning, the parts of damping are big, hard to separate the tripod leg, after a adjustment of screws on legs with socket head wrench attached in bag, it works fluently.  To be tightened or relaxed its on your requirement. The nameplate on the tripod legs has identifies the tripod brands and models, including spiral pipe legs loosen screw and lock direction, its very convenient.

After rising you can clear see there is a groove on the center axle, match the foot rack, effectively prevent the rotation of axis in use. Headball also identify models: CN - 1 and quick released plate of BM - 60
Headball is marked 360 Angle of rotation scale, its very convenient for people trying to panoramic camera and can adjust according to the degree of rotation.

Spherical headball main regulator not only identifies the adjustment scale, but also the damping adjustment knob. You can undertake the corresponding adjustment according to the needs of individuals.

Manual work quick released plate is very fine. Six pieces of non-slip MATS and massive screw to install the handle is out of the big design style. Two screws of two ends can effectively prevent the fast loading plate sliding out in using. Youd better set a coin .

Machine test, my biggest weight machine is D800 + 80-200 three generations of app + SB - 910 lamp, all together weights 2.81 kg, but through trial, I found that this weight is a little case for coman TA-240CT+CN1 and it use quite steady.

There is a Counterweight hook under the axial. Let camera bag hanging on the counterweight hook can increasing stability of tripod when day is windy.

Coman TA-240CT tripod provides full multi-angle adjustment, axis can be inverted, with low Angle shot(take)

Other functions and details:

Coman TA-240CT tripod give design for winte gloves, the design and service is very considerate, especially for the north photographer not only provides a convenient, also made protection.

Tripod provide single leg function, the leg in a protective sleeve is marked with corresponding English letters, according to mark the direction of rotation, fracturing can put the leg removed, turn into a single leg, when is not convenient to support the tripod, it can also provide the corresponding stable fulcrum